Monday, August 9, 2010

Jack goes to Kindergarten

Oh what a morning! Jack was determined he was riding the bus to school on the first day. I never thought I would let him ride it but he was so excited I couldn't not let him. I know it will make my life soooo much easier in the long run but I thought at least let me take you on the first day. He would hear nothing of it. So off he went. Oh it killed me. I was a mess. Who knew! I'd be the crier. I was fine until Jack held up our little hand sign he made up in the window as he drove off to tell me he loved me and I lost it! I mean lost it! It was a lovely sight. I don't think Matt knew what to do with me. It was pretty funny. I will have so much fun and was so excited about school. I know life will be good once we are in the swing of things and Hank starts as well. I won't know what to do with myself.

The bus stop crew

Jack and his buddy Matthew

This was Jack at open house when we went to meet his teacher.

Wyatt turns 2!

I can not believe Wyatt is 2! It snuck up on us so quickly. We had a little party at Grana's when his cousins from Spartanburg were here. Then we had a little party at the creekhouse when we were there the weekend before his birthday. On his actual birthday we went to brusters for ice cream, which he LOVES!!! Wyatt is the funniest kid, he is such a live wire. He has been such a blessing to our family keeping us all laughing. He keeps me on my toes daily because he is quick, into everything and a ball of energy. I love your happy little spirit and pray you never quit snuggling with your mama. Happy Birthday Big Boy!