Friday, May 28, 2010

A Crazy May

As you can see from the pictures we have had a crazy May. First Jack graduated from preschool and is off to Kindergarten. He was so proud and he can't wait to ride the school bus. Please say a pray for me as he rides away on that bus in August. I never thought I would put him on the bus but he says he is ONLY riding the bus. We will see how that goes. Then he had field day at school and we all went. Wyatt was crazy about all of the animals. He has NO fear! I don't know whos child he is because I am so NOT an animal person. I guess animals are in our future but not for a LONG time. He loves animals. So after we wrapped up Hank's soccer games and he got his trophy which I have no pictures of because I was at a baby shower and Matt forgot the camera. WE headed to the beach with Mimi, Britni and Braylee. The boys had a blast. I was exhausted by the end but it was great because so were they and they slept great!

We went from there to Waycross for my cousins graduation who was the valedictorian of his classto listen to his speech. He did such a great job. You will see the pictures of the cows and horses and they are from the their farm. The boys were in HEAVEN! They got to ride out in the filed in the car and all of the animals came right up to us. Hank could not even form words he was in such shock. It was so funny. William will forever be there hero! His bull stuck his head in the car and licked his hand. I thought I was going to die but my boys will probably talk about it for the next 10 years.

From there we drove home and went straight to Jack's baseball game. His team was in the post season tournament and they ended up winning it is was so much fun to watch. He was so excited. Hope everyone is having a great summer. It just started and I am telling you know if I make it through in one piece it will be a miracle. These boys are ruuning me in circles and I am tired already! Wish me luck!

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Jack's Championship Game

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Amelia Trip with Britni and Braylee

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Jack's graduation

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Sunday, May 2, 2010


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April Update

This has been one crazy month. Baseball and Soccer have kept us sooooooo busy! Jack is loving every minute of baseballnow. He figured out the game and decided he would really play half way through the season and is really good. It is so much fun to watch. He got his first gameball and he was super excited. We also went to the Braves game last Friday and his team got to go down on the field and he was in awe. He said it was, "AWESOME" seems to be the word of the month. Hank is enjoying soccer but mostly when he is holding his coach's hand and running with her. It is pretty funny to watch.

The pictures of Wyatt in the white outfit below are pics of Wyatt in Matt's outfit from when he was a little boy. I have pictures of each boy in it just like Matt. Wyatt is a mess and is the toughest of them all. I don't think he had a choice. He is so funny! This past week has been crazy and we are hoping for an uneventful week next week. Grandma ended up in the hospital last week and my mom and dad were out of town so I was juggling 3 boys and grandma in the hospital for 2 days and I thought I would fall over by the time they got back. Mom came back sick as a dog so she couldn't even go to the hospital so we are praying none of us get that. Please say a prayer! Grandma is home now and doing great! So after a week of 3 crazy boys, ballgames, hospital visits, overseeing the remodel of the poolhouse in our neighborhood, I am ready for an uneventful week. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather somehow we spend most of our day outside.