Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well hopefuly I can post pictures soon, we were attacked by a virus and now I can not update my blog for some reason now that we have Norton on our computer. So, as soon as I can figure this thing out I'll update.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Month of June

We have had a June full of outings. We took the boys to their first real Atlanta Braves game. They loved it! They were big fans of the chop and CHARGE!!!!! Then we went to the laser show at Stone Mountain which has been a summer favorite. Last weekend we took the boys to a waterpark. Jack had no fear! He went down every waterslide, some that I would not even go down. I was in shock. Wyatt has gotten on one tooth and is working on another. We were not sure if there were any in there. He finally started crawling at 10 months and pulled up and took a step all in the same week. I am not ready for a walker. He will be 11 months next week and is the happiest boy ever. He just watches his brothers and smiles all day long! I will say this summer has been quite a challenge and I wil not be sad for the school year to start. All three of them at home is EXHAUSTING!! I love it but I am tired. Preschool is good thing! We have spent lots of time at the pool and Jack is now swimming like a fish with no floaties. He is soooo proud. Hope you all are having a great summer!