Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Wyatt Update

So I went to at 2:45 and I was still a 2 but 70% effaced. I was not happy! He said my cervix has changed a lot since the last visit so that was good but still a 2. He said his head was as low as it could go. He couldn't believe how low I was carrying him. If I don't have him by next Monday he will strip my membranes. Thank Heavens! He did not know if I would make it till then but I could so once again we shall see. Oh the fun waiting game continues!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wyatt Update

No baby yet! I promise I will post it as soon as we have a baby. I left everyone hanging since last Monday. We ended up at the hospital the next day after I posted because I was having some lovely signs of labor and contractions but they were not regular and I was a day away from 36 weeks so they did not want to do anything to bring it on. I had not dialated anymore I was still at a 2 so we came home. As of this Thursday I am 37 weeks so it is game time come Thursday. I am ready to have this little boy. I have been having contractions every night so we will see. I will keep you all updated!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wyatt Update

Well we ended up at the doctor yesterday because I was having contractions and a lot of pressure. They checked me and I was dialated to about a finger tip and he said he had not
dropped all the way. Well I had to go back today to see my doctor for my regular visit and I had dialated to a 2 and he had dropped ALL the way. He did an ultrasound and said all looked good and he measured at about 6 lbs. We all know how accurate those readings are(HA). My hairstylist just had a baby and they told her the week before her baby was born that she measured at 7lbs. and she weighed a week later when she was born 10lbs. 11oz. So we shall see. I guess I could go at any time or next week. Who knows, we are ready and the car is packed but I would like to wait a week if possible so I am at least 37 weeks. I'll keep you all updated!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hanker and One Big Belly

My Sweet Little Hanker who has quite a temper. Oh, he gets mad at his brother. We have been down to one child this weekend for the last time in a long time, I am sure. Jack went with Grana, Pop and Logan to the mountains to Tweetsie Railroad and Hank is enjoying all the toys to himself.
Here it is! Yes It is HUGE!!! For all of you who have been asking , this is the final and only one you will see. If I get any bigger I think I will pop. He is about to fall out and I am VERY uncomfortable. He can't stay in there to much longer. I go to the doctor tuesday so we will see.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big Brother Tour

Jack went on his big brother tour at the hospital last week. He wasn't old enough when Hank was born but he was this time around so we signed him up. It was really cute. He learned how to change diapers, swaddle a baby and he got to see the nursery where the babies were. Then we took a tour of where Wyatt will be born. He thought he was so big because he got to go and Hank wasn't old enough. We thought he would love going out without Hank but I don't think he was a fan. He kept saying he missed his Hank, Hank was at home having a blast with Miss Megan and toys all to himself. My pictures are not uploading for some reason so you will have to click on Photo Albums to the right and go under July 2007.

I went to the doctor on Monday and he said Wyatt is really low. I had not started dialating but he said that could change any time now. I am more and more ready everyday.