Monday, April 28, 2008

Hanker in Action


And He's Off!!!!!!!!!!!!

We officially have a walker. Hank is finally walking. Everyday he walks more and more and I am sooooo grateful.

I am in TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My neighbor Amber took these pictures of Hank at a birthday party and I thought they were so cute. I hope you don't care Amber. She is a photographer so if you need pictures go to ANG Photography.

Monday, April 21, 2008


We went to Carowinds yesterday after Daddy got back from his fishing trip and we had so much fun. We bought season passes since we knew we would be going back and we didn't even make it to the water park since it was too cold. Jack started out on the swings and was a bit apprehensive. He never cracked a smile we were beginning to think this was going to be a big waste of money. Especially if he is not going to ride anything, BUT we were wrong!

We never got a smile!

Then we ventured to the helicopter which Hank got to ride as well.
Then to the Dora show! They watched in amazement.

Hank loved this duck we spent lots of time with the duck while we waited forever on Daddy and Jack to get off the log ride.
He started getting a little more brave and loved the log ride.

Big boy walking!
Then we were shocked Jack went on a roller coaster. I couldn't believe he met the height restriction but he did. I never thought he would do it and he came off running and cheering ready for more. It was hysterical! Matt and I were both in shock!

The 2nd and even bigger roller coaster he went on. It was even bigger!
He loved the planes!
Hank wanting to ride really badly!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mackenzie's Birthday Party

Our neighbor Mackenzie had her 3rd birthday yesterday. The boys had tons of fun. She had a cupcake party so they all made their own cupckaes. Of course Hank loved this part of the party.
The Birthday Girl!
Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere!
Hank loved the balls.

Jack and Sebastian coloring cookies.

He loves some cupcake!
Hank participated like a big boy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trip to Atlanta

We had quite a filled trip to Atlanta. We went for Uncle Chris's engagement party and of course that is the one thing I have no pictures of. Hopefully Rachael's Dad will send me some. We went to the aquarium while we were there. Jack thought it was the greatest thing ever! We also had a couple of Birthday celebrations for Matt. He turned 29 on Saturday! It was tons of fun! There are also some lovely pictures of the baby Wyatt for all of you who have been asking for belly pictures. I am large and in charge already and we have 4 more months. I'm in trouble! We finally decided on Wyatt Ross Donovan for baby #3 for those who haven't heard. Papa's middle name is Ross so we are carrying on the family middle name tradition.