Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Weekend

We had a fun filled crazy Easter weekend. Papa, Mimi, and Uncle Chris came up on Friday and we celebrated Papa's birthday with a cake that Jack made just for him. I think he thought it was for himself. Then we had a Easter egg hunt in the neighborhood Saturday morning and then headed to the National Olympic Whitewater Training Center for the older guys to raft for Papa's birthday. They had so much fun! Jack was wanting to be big so badly. On Sunday we went to church that morning and then to brunch with the neighbors and I was terrible about taking pictures. Papa is supposed to send me some. Then Grana come for 2 days. It was a fun filled weekend! The family picture is the best one we got after church and brunch so I gave up. We try again later.

Want some of this!

Jack wishing he was big enough to raft.
Oh, please let me get big!

Daddy, Papa, and Uncle Chris
The Easter Bunny was good to our boys!

Mass Choas!

Two Boys!
Jack and Mackenzie

Jack and Papa with Papa's b-day cake that Jack made!

He is ready for baseball!
He is ready to walk!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jack's First Crush!

Jack telling you about his first crush. Its really dark but I had to still post it. It was too cute not to post. He has not put this picture down in 2 days.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Prayer Request for Our Sweet Friend

The is Jack's sweet friend, Sebastian. He needs your prayers in a big way. We found out this past week that he has what they are pretty sure to be a malignant tumor in his head. They believe he has a type of cancer called LCH. He is having surgery today to have a biopsy done and to have a port put in so he can start chemo on Monday. Please keep this sweet little boy in your prayers. His family will be needing in the weeks to come. He is a strong little boy and we know he will beat this!
You can check out The Greenawalt Family blog under our friends blogs for updates.

Ultrasound Pics

More Ultrasound pics of Baby Boy #3! All looked good today. He is getting big and healthy. He weighed 7 oz. and was right on target.

right arm and hand
And once again, It's a Boy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Boy! Another One is On the Way!

I am almost embarassed to post this because he is really showing his goods. Matt of course is extremely proud. I am sure he knew I really needed to be convinced so he gave a really good picture of the evidence. We have 3 others of the same view since I kept saying "are you sure?", but I figured one was enough. I'll have some more after my ultrasound today when they check the spot on the heart they couldn't see. I'll post them when I get home.

Oh Yes! Another Boy! I thought I would have a stroke when she told us. Jack looked at me like its supposed to be a girl, since even the first ultrasound tech. thought it was a girl but NO it was definately a boy. I have been trying to post pictures of the ultrasound so you could see the evidence but it is not letting so those will come in a little bit. I will say we are thankful to have another healthy boy. I do love my boys and hopefully very soon I will get over the fact that there will be no pink in this house. Oh WEll!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oh What A Rainy Day Can Do!

After being stuck inside all day Friday, this is what I found Jack playing with in my office. Every hairbow Rik-Rak has was on his head. I will tell you that Matt took this picture and insisted on the sad face. He wanted NO sign of happiness what so ever. It made me laugh! Oh how we need a girl, then Jack can put them on her head. He is not going to know what to do with another brother since every kid on our street has a sister. Oh well!

Last night I was on the computer and Jack was playing with his trucks in the other room. I heard him on his cell phone and this was the conversation, "Hello God, Thank you soooooooo much for all of my trucks. Bye Bye!" Oh, I could eat him up. I love a 3 year old!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Conversations with Jack!

My big boy Jack has become quite the little talker. He is at such an imaginitive age that it is so funny to listen to him. Our conversations these days are very entertaining. Here is just a sampling of our conversations yesterday.......

Jack- comes into my bathroom while I am getting ready with a yellow rik-rak bow in his hair, a whistle( or what he was pretending to be a whistle) around his neck and tells me "Mom, today I my name is Sasha(a littel girl in his class) and you will be Sasha's mama. "
Me- "Okay Jack but Sasha is a girl and you are a boy"
Jack-"That is fine but I am pretending to be Sasha"
Me- "Okay Sasha" and for about anhour I was refered to as "hey Sasha's mama"

Who knows! but no I am not worried! After lunch we went to the Y to get camp forms and I said Jack would you like to take some soccer lessons? He thought about it for a minute and said" Yeah mama I think that is a great idea! "

We took Hank to the doctor yesterday and he was up on the table and Jack kept holding his hand and saying"It is going to be okay little brother. I am here. Its going to be okay."
Lately he has been so sweet to Hank. They just love each other so much! Thank heavens!

We went to the park after Hank appt. so Jack could run around and there were 2 kids there he did not know. He of course ran right up to them and started playing with them. I heard him saying to them. "Hey kids follow me kids" he is big on calling people kids. I have no idea! Then they were all at the top of the playground about to go down the slide and I see Jack stop in his tracks and turn around and I heard him say to the little girl behind him-
"Hey kid, check out these shoes." As he held up his new plaid shoes to show her like she cared. She said"Yeah look at my flip flops" and off they went down the slide.

He is a so much fun! I must say I love this age. Especially, when he looks me in the face and says I love you ,mama!

We find out on Monday whether we are having a boy or a girl! We will let you all know as soon as we find out.


Our little Hanker is on the move. He is trying to walk but knows he can chase big brother faster when he crawls. I must say I have been in NO hurry for him to walk until now and he is so heavy, I think I am now ready!