Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finally we have internet!

Hallelujah the fence is up. They cut our lines on the first whole they dug.
This gate is my saving grace Jack can run free! YEAH!!!
Jack being a monkey on the playground!
Thank Heavens for the playground at Moe's. It is the only way we get through dinner.
Hanker is all smiles!

Jack and Hanker(as he calls him.)
Our daily ice cream mess.
Two boys at the pool!
I want his life!!!!!!!!!!!
Really! Could someone not tell me that I had spit up running down my back. My

husband even took the picture and never said a word.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ten on Tuesday( a day late so you get one extra!)

We had one crazy weekend. It was full of birthday parties on Saturday and then on Father's Day we went to Spartanburg for cousin Claire's baptism. Then went to Diego Live for Jack. He was sooooo excited, especially when Dora came out.

This Jack not wanting to leave Diego Live. As you can see I have not figured out how to
put the pictures in order so you'll see more on Diego later.

Where's Hank?
Under the 50 diapers his mean brother threw on top of him. Jack and Mackenzie
Jack patiently waiting on Diego!
Mama and Hanker

Cousin Claire and Hank at her Baptism
Matt, Jack and Pop
Claire and Hank were checking each other out.
Pop reading to the boys.
Hank had cereal for the first time. He is one hungry boy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weekend in Atlanta

Jack walking Scooter at Mimi and Papa's
Loves to ride the tricycle!
Papa, Jack and Uncle Chris
Hank hanging out with Uncle Chris

Jack loved playing with Daddy's old trucks at Grana & Pop's house.
Jack feeding the ducks.
Jack running from the ducks!
"I'm out of food!"

Jack wants to pick out his own pj's these days! Aren't they lovely. He
also insists on carrying Mackenzie's red purse like Mama.
So we took care of that and we now have a camo fanny pack that is
so cool because it carries his cup and his phone.
Jack playing with Daddy's old train at Grana's.
Pop and the boys!
Grana and Jack

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ten on Tuesday!

Okay my friend Stacy does a blog for her girls and it is such fun watching them. She is the most clever and creative person on the planet so she has inspired me to veture into the blog world. She does Ten on Tuesday which is so clever, so Stace I hope you don't care because I am going to copy you! I will try to update it every tuesday. We will see how that goes!

Jack is in deep thought while eating his daily popsicle.
Mimi and Papa came to visit for Memorial Day!
Hank has learned to hang on for dear life with a brother named Jack.
Look, I can jump!
Brothers fighting over the camera.

Jack and his main squeeze at school, Sasha.
I forgot to turn the picture sorry! Stacy I told you I would copy you.
What a life!
Daddy says he looks like Borat!
I told you he likes popsicles.

A little update on the boys....
Jack is 2 1/2 now and full of energy. He loves Dora and Diego and I mean he LOVES them. We are going to see Go Diego Go Live in 2 weeks and he is soooo excited. He is the neighborhood player these days. He is surronded by girls, we have 6 girls on either side of us so he has his pick. He loves to kiss them and run! We have to watch that boy. He loved preschool this year. He just finished for the summer and I don't know what I am going to do. He learned everything from the alphabet to the months of the year and can count to 20. Harvard here we come. Ha!!!

Hank is 4 1/2 months and such a joy! He seems to be the easiest baby on the planet. Thank heavens. He is such a good sleeper and just smiles at you all the time except when Jack is coming at him with his clinched jaw. We have got to work on that. He is rolling over and trying to sit up but his favorite is still the bouncy seat.